The Grumpy Monk / Hello, one last time

Hello, one last time

I started this blog to begin sharing my experiences as a person in this world from this point forward. 

In a way, it’s to build a bridge, to plant some seeds and to leave behind some crumbs for whomever happens to come across this and might also be searching for that “something” and heading in the same direction.  

For a person who isn’t very good at getting to the point of things, I am one who likes connecting dots for people.  So, I hope this blog might be able to help.

Although my heart always wants to help others, I’ve come to realize that I am not in a position to put others before me, but this also doesn’t mean that I can’t place them next to me.  So, this blog is to help me do just that.  

If anyone finds anything I share useful and insightful towards their own personal journey through life then this would’ve been worthwhile to do.  If not, consider this just random journaling by a random person. 

This was my intro so, “Hello…”, one last time.