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Breaking down and a good Samaritan

We snapped the alternator belt on our way up from San Diego to Stockton, about 100 miles from our destination in a town called “Chowchilla”. It sucked!!! The car started to overheat because the belt is connected to the radiator fan. I thought I was going to leave the car at some random place while we catch a ride up to the temple for tomorrow’s ceremony and come back Monday morning to get it fixed. While waiting for a ride I figured we head over to the local AutoZone to pick up the belt to save time since we’ll be needing it anyway. It would’ve been such a time crunch because I still have things to do back in San Diego before I take off to Japan/Sri Lanka on Wednesday morning. While at AutoZone I asked the clerk if he knew anyone who could help put it on and he said the person just left… Butttttt…. We asked the person waiting in line behind me if he could do it and he said he could! An hour and a 4 arms, his and mine (mostly his) of grease later we got the car back up and running!!! How cool is that?! Offered to pay him but he didn’t want any so we bought him and his lady, who was waiting in their car, dinner instead. How awesome, right?!? I’m so happy right now. The car is a little squeeky so we’ll have it checked out tomorrow… But we made it to the temple in Stockton! Whoot whoot!!! If you ever run into “Red” in Chowchilla, CA.. you gotta say wattup.

He doesn’t like taking pictures so this is the best we got. 😀

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