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A Nice Surprise

After waking up in the ohenro lodge provided by the nice people at “Kamo no Yu onsen”, Hiromasa and I headed to temple 11 which was about 2 kilometers away.  When we got there we were seriously reminded that there would be no food or water along the way until we reach temple 12 and even after it so we should double check our supplies before making our way up the mountain.

Hiromasa is well equiped, he has all his food, cooking gear, tent, and sleeping bag all in his backpack so he was all set to go and headed up first while I decided to head back into town to pick up some supplies.  All I had with me was my tiny bag with just a small pouch of water and an extra set of robes.  I was totally not ready and thankfully I did decide to go back even though his would mean me trekking this entire route all by myself which I was quite nervous to do.  It would be my first time ever climbing a mountain and traveling through a mountain pass.

It took me about 2 hours to walk back into town, do some light shopping, I bought just enough food and water for two days and I decided to have lunch there at the supermarket since it was almost noon and it would save me the effort of carrying extra food and having to worry about where I was going to throw away my trash.

It was a good thing because while I was there I remembered that Meg Sweeney, whom I met the night before had offered to help me with anything I needed and upon second though I decided that some of the things I was carrying was way too heavy to be carrying with me and I wouldn’t be using it enough to justify struggling over.  So, I gave Meg a call and she was more than happy to hold onto some things while I did my walk, I just had to go back to Kamo no Yu onsen to drop it off for her to pick up after she got off work.

This was also a very fortunate thing.

After I finished my lunch, I started walking back to Kamo no Yu.  Just as  was nearing the onsen a van drove by, parked and guess who came out of it?  The photographer who had taken my picture at temple 7 and his wife!  When he was taking my picture I had asked if he could email them to me to have as a momento, but he had lost my email so he and his wife spent the entire morning driving around temple to temple asking people if they had seen a yellow robed monk.  No one had and they had just about given up when they saw me walking along the street.  What luck right?

He presented me with a couple of the pictures he had taken and they gave me their phone numbers telling me to call them if I was in trouble and needed anything.  Also to call them when I was done so perhaps we could get together for lunch.  They were some really nice people.  I was quite blown away by their kindness and efforts trying to find me all morning.  Who does this, right?!

We parted ways and with renewed energy I made my way back to temple 11 which was the start of the trail leading to temple 12, a good 10 hour hike away.

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